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100% Traceability

“If it exists or happens inside the Valley Forge walls, we know everything about it. A capability we are extremely proud of.”

At Valley Forge & Bolt, we take traceability to a whole new level. From the time the raw materials are ordered, to the day a finished piece is put on transport to our customers, we know, at all times, exactly where that piece has been, when each step of the manufacturing process has occurred and who has helped to transform it into what it needs to be. From start to finish, without a shadow of a doubt.


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From the moment the steel is taken off the truck, it is received into the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) system. All of its specifications; material type, poundage, heat number, country of origin, mill source are known, recorded and traceable in the system.

All materials are also designated a precise internal tracking number for our own purposes. The steel is color-coded based on this internal tracking and specification and can be easily identified in the yard. Its unique heat number, traceable all the way back to the mill it came from, is how material is issued to each job.

This advanced MRP system is fully customizable to meet the customers’ requirements or specifications. For example, if there is a particular inspection or hold point required by you, our valued customer, we have the ability to make it happen, seamlessly. We can tell you exactly when the inspection or hold happened and precisely the employee that carried it out.



Because our system is barcode based, the employee operation of every process is time stamped from start to sign off. In addition, every piece that is made inside the Valley Forge walls is barcoded with a VF unique number. This allows us to have 100% traceability for every single piece manufactured by us. At any given time we can see the job sequence of any order, what has been completed, at what time, and by whom.



  • On staff Certified Level II Non Destructive Testing (NDT) inspector for magnetic particle & ultrasonic.
  • Also, on staff Certified Level I NDT inspector for liquid penetrate.
  • We can meet your testing needs by sending resources to various national accredited testing labs.
  • Forging process monitored by thermal temperature lasers.
  • Equipment is calibrated and certified to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable standards.


  • ISO 9001-2015 Certification
  • Lloyd’s Register: Type Approval Certified for ¼” – 7″ diameter. Various ASTMs, including ASTM-F2482 load indicating
  • Bureau Veritas: PED 97/23/EC; Annex 1 § 4.3 for various 1″– 3″ diameter fasteners. ASTM A193, A194 & A354
  • Bechtel Corporation: 3SS-MFM0-00002 Meets the Mining & Metals Specification for gearless drive grinding mills
  • FMC Corporation: Approved Global Supplier
  • Certifications that comply with EN 10204:2004 Type 3.1
  • Certifications that meet EN 10204:2004 Type 3.2 (if required)









Important Announcement

In response to recent public health concerns and multiple requests regarding our ability to fulfill customer orders, Valley Forge does not currently foresee any negative impact from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All parts manufactured at Valley Forge are made with U.S. domestic steel and our raw material supply for this and other materials / components has not been affected. We will be maintaining continuous communication with our suppliers and will maintain an ongoing dialogue to ensure there are no disruptions in our supply chain.


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