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Valley Forge is proud to announce that we have partnered with Curtiss-Wright to bring our industry-leading load indicating fastener technology to the nuclear and general power generation industries.

It is our passion to see the evolution of the bolted joint where the accurate assembly and our continuous load monitoring capabilities reduce the potential for premature wear, expensive downtime, and catastrophic joint failure. We believe that this new and exciting partnership will help to do just that.

The partnership will take our patented load verifying technologies and pair them with the bolting and sealing solutions offered by Nova and AP Services. We believe this combination will be a powerful force in the nuclear and fossil power generation industries.

As a service brand of Curtiss-Wright, Nova and AP Services have been supplying ASME Code, safety-related and quality critical fasteners, precision-machined components and fluid sealing solutions to the nuclear and fossil power generation, Department of Energy, Nuclear Navy and petro-chemical industries for over 30 years. The Nova/AP Services team has been energized by the addition of the Valley Forge product line and the expectation they will be solving problems in our customers’ most demanding applications.




ME Elecmetal is a leading global supplier of total solutions for mineral processing. Including mill liners, liner bolts, grinding media, crusher parts and large specialty castings. With a vision to be a globally competitive supplier and recognized for their excellence and leadership in the delivery of integral solutions, they add tremendous value to the mining processes.

ME Elecmetal is our exclusive global mining distributor of Valley Forge Ridgeback® Liner Bolts. In addition they also distribute our Pitbull™ Liner WasherClarkester™ Tester and VF Two Piece Mill Sealing System for all mining applications. With nearly 100 years of experience, ME Elecmetal has always been an innovative supplier and without a doubt a valuable Valley Forge & Bolt Outlet. Please do not hesitate to contact them for all your liner castings, ball castings, bolting needs.

VISIT ME ELECMETAL’S WEBSITE Visit Me Elecmetal's Website



Hedgerow Consulting, Barry Thomas, acts as our Valley Forge & Bolt representative in the European market. Based out of the United Kingdom, they are a valuable asset to our team in helping connect us to all those with bolting needs across the Atlantic Ocean.

Barry has been bolting things together since 1972 and is the right person to speak with about all our products available for use across Europe. Barry has nearly 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, starting in 1977. He specializes in sales to oil, gas and petrochemical industries across the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors. More specifically to senior levels of operators, end users and EPC companies at design, engineering and operational levels. Within his extensive experience, Barry has over 20 years of load indicating bolting and bolted joint experience across structural, mechanical, equipment, cranes/lifting and pressure containment disciplines. The remaining 20 years in oil and gas areas include; pipelines, piping, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, drilling and well services.

With his extensive experience and depth of travel on every continent, he can find answers for all your requirements and get you what you need, when you need it.


Protorq was founded in 1995 and has an office located in Buin, from where they serve their customers located throughout Chile, responding to the needs of unions are bolted and portable machine tools.  Protorq is the result of over 15 years of experience in that innovation, education and experience. During these years they have been incorporating new technologies and knowledge that have enabled them to meet the most important sectors of the national industry and mining, petrochemical, pulp and paper, among others. In recent years they have also began to consult for companies in Argentina and Brazil.

Since 2000, after a chance introduction at the ExpoMin Mining Show, Protorq – Chile and Valley Forge have been working together to develop solutions to complex bolting applications.





FCF was founded in 2012 and belongs to H. CARLOS SCHNEIDER Group, as well owner of another company with great representation in Brazil, including Ciser, the leading company in Latin America in the manufacture of cold forged fasteners. FCF´s strategy is to be a supplier of special products and its main activity is the manufacture of fasteners. All products follow standards of high quality and traceability which can be obtained by machining, hot forging and rolling thread process.

VISIT THE FCF WEBSITE  Visit Me Elecmetal's Website







Important Announcement

In response to recent public health concerns and multiple requests regarding our ability to fulfill customer orders, Valley Forge does not currently foresee any negative impact from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All parts manufactured at Valley Forge are made with U.S. domestic steel and our raw material supply for this and other materials / components has not been affected. We will be maintaining continuous communication with our suppliers and will maintain an ongoing dialogue to ensure there are no disruptions in our supply chain.


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